Case Studies

Nigel C Berghan - Marketing Manager at Rare Wear

Nigel Berghan is the Marketing Manager for an extremely busy clothing company producing school uniforms and not one but three very popular branded clothing lines:

  • Rare Wear -
  • BattleGear –
  • Claude and Me -

Rare Wear have a funky range of men’s and women’s tshirts and beautifully detailed and high quality senior jerseys made right here in Australia. BattleGear supply a great range of sportswear for football, baseball, athletics, netball, hockey, cricket and more. Whilst Claude and Me has a stunning range, of what they refer to as, ‘Drop Dead Leggings’.

The constantly evolving business has been operating for over 20 years and has 30 staff. Based in Albion, Brisbane, they have seen a lot of changes in their industry with stiff competition. Their biggest challenge in business today is the cost cutting employed by their competitors. Unfortunately it’s a very short-term solution that damages everyone the industry in the long run. Nigel and the team are looking for ways to continually improve and develop, to stay current and viable in a changing market.

The team has been working with BBS Partners for nearly 3 years. Nigel has known Matt personally for over 25 years and jumped at the opportunity to work with him professionally. When asked what he likes most about the firm, Nigel said they are very approachable and he really appreciates the fact that it’s never an issue to call them and ask their advice.

Recently, to support rare wear with their business goals; the team at BBS Partners helped Nigel put together a submission for a Research & Development grant to help them develop their business technology – an area they are very passionate about. Nigel really valued the expert advice and input he received from BBS Partners, in particular the inside knowledge they have of his business, was invaluable in putting the submission together. Nigel is a very happy client, “They do everything you’d expect from your accountant and they do it very well. They have great attention to detail and I happily refer them to business owners looking for a proactive advisor that really understands their business.”

Helen Weston - Managing Director at Mobile [+] Rehab

Helen Weston is the Managing Director of Mobile [+] Rehab, a thriving physiotherapy business that operates using a team of 70 physiotherapists and 12 administration staff spread over an area covering Northern NSW and South East Queensland. Starting in 1996, they have steadily grown to deliver expert physiotherapy support with home visits and servicing residential aged care homes, with a virtual network of professionals who work remotely. As you can imagine, a business of this size and geozone has its challenges for Helen. The biggest one being the skill shortage in the allied health industry and the recent turbulent times of late.

Helen started working with Matt and the team at BBS Partners many years ago, after he was recommended to them. What stands out for Helen is they share a cultural fit – they are very well matched in terms of being responsive, approachable and sharing the same interests in being innovative and technology minded. BBS Partners have worked with Helen to help with tax planning, business structure and cloud based services such as Xero. Helen particularly appreciates Matt’s advice through a few business restructures and guiding them through the necessary changes. She values that he doesn’t take risks with things that are beyond their knowledge base and has demonstrated the scalability to grow with her business over the years.
Working closely together, Matt has been with them throughout their business journey and understands their requirements so can proactive with providing advice. They are responsive, adaptable and have evolved with what’s happening in not only the accounting profession, but also from a business point of view.

Helen is using Xero, a cloud based accounting platform and values it’s ease of use, particularly the payroll and invoicing aspects. The clarity of invoices is so great she has even received feedback on how great it is! Helen doesn’t hesitate to recommend BBS Partners to businesses looking for a true accounting partner to work hand in hand with their team with a responsive and forward thinking approach.

Cheryl Brookes - Managaing Director at Online Courses Australia

Cheryl Brookes is the Managing Director of Online Courses Australia, a rapidly growing nationally registered training organization, based in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Online Courses Australia specialises in creating and providing dynamic online training courses for individuals Australia-wide. Using the latest technology, they create customised, tailored and interactive online learning solutions that integrate theory, experience and knowledge. They offer over 150 TAFE-equivalent courses to help you meet your career goals. 

Operating for just 3 years, the company has experienced dynamic growth with a team of 18 in the office and more in the field as freelancers. Operating an online education business comes with it challenges, one of which being regular cashflow. Running Fee for Service courses means they are not relying on Government support and the majority of their students are on payment plans. Due to unparalleled demand and growth, Cheryl has had to make smart decisions in regard to expanding and investing to grow the business.
That’s where the team at BBS Partners has been invaluable. Partners Matt and Lin have helped Cheryl with strategies to invest in the right things and structure cash flow so they can cover the day-to-day expenses, whilst investing in the right areas to create a successful, flourishing business. Online Courses Australia has been a client of BBS Partners from the beginning. Cheryl most appreciates the hands approach and the high “care factor’ the team have always shown them.

She particularly values that she can contact them anytime for advice. “It’s nice to know they are always available and that they really do care about my business. Their turnaround time is very fast for an accounting firm.” Specifically, Lin and the BBS Partners team have helped Cheryl with putting together Research & Development grants to fund the establishment of a new business unit, identifying tax breaks and assisting with important financial decisions.

Being an online business, Cheryl is no stranger to cloud based computing solutions and uses Xero for her accounting needs. When asked what she likes most about Xero, Cheryl said it’s fantastic for financial management and really easy to use. She likes that it’s customizable and fits with their business model. To find out more about Online Courses Australia, head to their website at